Original TOCP75 TOCP80 TOCP100 TOCP255 fiber optic cable

Original TOCP75 TOCP80 TOCP100 TOCP255 fiber optic cable

Original TOCP75 TOCP80 TOCP100 fiber optic cable



CHANGZHOU FEV ELECTRONICS CO., LIMITED Is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research, development, production and sales of flexible light guide strips,
nanometer light guide rods, light guide columns, light guide films, plastic fiber, quartz fiber optical cable series and related products. We have a number of people in the field.

With advanced technology from Japan, the company has independently developed a complete set of optical fiber production, plastic fiber production and plastic fiber cable
technology, and has advanced optical fiber production equipment, and has mastered the production technology of a complete set of mature optical fiber related products.

Plastic fiber series products: PMMA plastic fiber, communication grade plastic fiber cable, plastic fiber jumper, plastic fiber connector, Japan Toshiba original Toshiba
TOCP100, TOCP151, TOCP155, TOCP200, TOCP255 fiber cable, CF-1001, CF-1501, CF-1571, CF-2001, CF-2071 mitsubishi elevator fiber, fanak fiber, CNC machine.

Bed fiber, injection molding machine fiber, textile machine fiber, plastic fiber transceiver, plastic fiber exchange, 232 plastic fiber, 485 plastic fiber, ST SMA905 SC LC
plastic fiber connector optical fiber sensor, optical fiber adapter, audio fiber line, digital fiber line, luminous float. Optical fiber for bleaching, optical fiber for waiting,
elevator communication cable, light source, cold light display cabinet, optical fiber display cabinet, cultural relic display cabinet and related supporting products, etc.

Quartz fiber series products: MITSUBISHI FANUC, OKUMA fiber optic cable CA7003 CA7103 MITSUBISHI fiber, dl-72 CF2071 sumitomo fiber, z3c-d omron fiber h-pcf fiber optic cable, PLC fiber, MELSECNET/H network. Fiber optic cable, mitsubishi PLC module fiber optic cable, ST, SC, LC, FC, SMA905 fiber optic jumper, quartz fiber for sensing detection and other products, widely used in industry, medical, aviation, lighting, sensing, decoration and other fields.

Since the establishment of the company, through the efforts of all parties and the strong support of the majority of customers, product quality has been greatly improved,
varieties are constantly diversified, and the management system is increasingly improved; Domestic sales business has covered all walks of life, whether it is data transmission and
communication, industrial control, sensor.

Medical care, electricity, cars, fishing gear, light-emitting floating devices, or the lighting industry has been inseparable from plastic fiber. International sales business is focused on optical fiber decorative lighting, existing products light source, jewelry display cabinets, and other products throughout the world.

The company is now vigorously expanding the application of low-loss plastic fiber in short-distance data transmission, and provides the world with high-quality and inexpensive plastic fiber optical transmission system and plastic fiber access network integration system, with FTTH, FTTD, resident network, local area network, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial control.

Manufacturers, security monitoring, national defense and military equipment providers and service providers in various fields share the results. Short distance plastic fiber has the advantages of anti-interference, high speed, high fidelity, high bandwidth and high performance. Widely used in DVD, CD, VCR, game consoles, computer peripherals, communication systems and audio-visual equipment and other voice, image, data information transmission, and applied to the measurement and monitoring, liquid lighting, urban lighting, special lighting, etc

The company has always adhered to the quality policy of “quality first, satisfying customers’ requirements and satisfying customers”, strictly implemented the iso9001:2000 quality management system standard, and also established the OEM channel to provide our customers with high-quality products and perfect services.

Enterprise spirit: service innovation, dedication, standardization, unity

Business philosophy: scientific and technological innovation
Business strategy: quality first, integrity service

Contact Information:
Email: sales@fevelectronics.com C.C.: fevelectronics@gmail.com
TEL: +86 177 5158 5921 (Available for WhatsApp, WeChat)
Website: https://www.tocpfibercable.com | https://www.fevelectronics.com