June 9, 2021

TOCP255K POF cable assemblies, Latching connectors, 1.0mm core.

We have a variety of brands POF cable stock for your choice, according to your actual needs and selection requirements, you can choose Deufo industrial plastic optical fiber (Mitsubishi ESKA core), Avago HFBR-RU, HFBR-EU, HFBR-PU series of plastic optical fiber, Mitsubishi ESKA cable

· Simplex, duplex, latching and non-latching connector options; low-cost manufacturing and quick delivery

Part no.Product SpecificationNo. of CoresFiber Type(um)O.D. (mm)ROHS
Duplex, TOCP255K-□□B (□□=Length 0.1-80M, such as 50cm lenght, Part no. is TOCP255K-50CMB, Length=5M, Part no. is  TOCP255K-5MB)
TOCP255K-□□BUL-rated POF Cable,Duplex,□□=Length 0.1-80M2980/1000 POF2.2*4.4Yes
TOCP255K-□□BStandard POF Cable,Duplex,□□=Length 0.1-80M2980/1000 POF2.2*4.4Yes
TOCP255K-□□BIndoor POF Cable,Duplex,□□=Length 0.1-80M2980/1000 POF6.0Yes
TOCP255K-□□BOutdoor POF Cable,Duplex,□□=Length 0.1-80M2980/1000 POF6.0Yes
Low-cost manufacturing and quick delivery. Please let us know how to assist with your project.
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