Duplex POF Cable general duplex POF cable

Duplex POF Cable general duplex POF cable

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Duplex POF Cable general duplex POF cable

general duplex POF cable

general duplex POF cable


Product name:general duplex POF cable
DC2 Series of Duplex PMMA Plastic Optical Fiber-POF Cable refers to the PMMA Plastic Optical Fiber jacketed with PE or PVC or PUR sheath to protect the PMMA Fiber Core from harsh environment. The DC series POF Duplex cable is normally used to replace some famous brands such as Asahi HMCKU-1000PW POF duplex Cable, HITRONIC J-V2Y(ZN)11Y 2P980/1000 POF Simplex Cable,Mitsubishi ESKA SH4002 POF Cable for short distance transmission within 100meters.

Basic Properties: 
Fiber Core Material: PMMA
Cladding Material: Fluorinated Polymer
Jacket Material: Black PE or PVC or PUR
Optical Instruction: Step Index Model
Numerical Aperture: 0.5
Allowable Bend Radius: No less than ten times of optical fiber diameter
Core Refractive Index: 1.492
1. Max. Attenuation: 0.18dB/m@650nm;
2. Theoretic bandwidth of 10~20MHz. 50m(Numerical aperture 0.5), 100~200MHz. 50m(Numerical aperture 0.3);
3. Diameter allowance ± 3% in actual production;
4. Working temperature: –20~70 Celsius Degrees;
5. Jacket material: PE or PVC or PUR


1. Consumer: HDTV & Set-top box

2. Industrial Control:

l Controller board

l Frequency Inverters/Converters/Drives

l Networking

l Power distribution

l Power transmission

l Smart grids

3. Industrial Automation: Factory automation

4. Medical:

l Diagnostic equipment

l Optical sensors

l Telemedicine- and Telehealth devices

5. Sustainable Energy

l Optical Sensors

l Wind Industry

6. Telecommunications/Networking: Data communication


Technical Parameters

Parameters Unit Numerical Value
Fiber Core Material Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) /
Cladding Material Fluroresine Polymer
Jacket Material PE/PVC/PUR
Numerical Aperture 0.5
Working Wavelength nm 525~650
Incident Angle ≤60°
Bandwidth MHz·100m ≥10
Bending Radius ≥10 times of fiber diameter (Temporary)
≥20 times of fiber diameter (Permanent)
Operating Temperature -55~ +85 (CC2   series)
-40 ~ +70 (CC   series)
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +70
Refractive Index Step index

Ordering Information:

Part Number Fiber Diameter  Cable Diameter  Spool Length Attenuation Remark
(mm) (mm) (M) (dB/M@650nm)  
DC2-1000 1.0±0.06 2.2×4.4±0.2 500 ≤0.18 Black PE/PVC/PUR buffer
DCW2-1000 1.0±0.06 2.2×4.4±0.2 500 ≤0.18 Black PE/PVC/PUR buffer with White marking Bar
DC2-1000W 1.0±0.06 2.2×4.4±0.2 500 ≤0.18 White PE/PVC/PUR buffer with Black marking Bar
DCVZ2-1000 1.0±0.06 2.2×4.4±0.2 500 ≤0.18 Flame Retardant,UL Version
DCVZ2-1000 1.0±0.06 2.2×4.4±0.2 500 ≤0.18 Flame Retardant,non-UL Version